how much lye to use per gallon


cheitzman: I have a blog called If you have time check it out and if you like it please follow me on my blog. Thanks. Feb 25, 2019 11:55:08 GMT -5
trapperjack: Anybody having problems logging into NYS Trappers website? All I get is tech difficulties displayed for last 2 weeks. Aug 13, 2019 20:33:27 GMT -5
greenedream222: Had an awesome (first) time at the NYS Trappers Convention. So much to see, *touch* and take in. Met a lot of cool people - big THANK YOU to everyone who makes it as awesome as it is!! Very cool. Wish I could go back over tomorrow! Excited for next year!!! Aug 30, 2019 21:37:21 GMT -5
fastmari: DOES IT HAV TO HAV BOTTOM JAW ATTACHED? I hav a local Grey skull; young, possibly female. Totally clean,& a lot of th Skeleton/legs, et But I always extract teeth4 myself. OK, so can u tell me what you require in Fox skull when you ask4 "skull" thnx Nov 3, 2019 3:19:14 GMT -5
brooklynbeaver: Hi there, does anybody know where to upload from such printable template to stretch and dry a beaver fur ? Nov 20, 2019 18:42:01 GMT -5
brooklynbeaver: Still looking for somebody ( mentor ?) residing and trapping 2 -2.5 hours driving distance from Brooklyn for acquaintance and a master class on a field. Brand new trapper and the pattern of success is completely unpredictable. 16 traps set and no one beave Jan 14, 2020 18:45:57 GMT -5
kizi100: Anybody like listening to the Goose Couple? :) Apr 13, 2020 2:56:32 GMT -5
herm: As long as Cuomo keeps getting on tv every day at noon and the tv stations are willing to broadcast his daily briefinthis state will never get unlocked Apr 20, 2020 19:56:28 GMT -5
piterparker: Hello world. How are you ? May 21, 2020 13:47:05 GMT -5
brooklynbeaver: Paw holding beaver trap modification. Have to talk and listen those experienced trappers if I did it right. My last season experience pushed me to make such modification. Jun 8, 2020 11:24:53 GMT -5
Olde Trapper: no response available... Aug 21, 2020 9:58:25 GMT -5
erict: Nothing surprises me during an election year! Sept 10, 2020 7:03:21 GMT -5
edaggy: any one know of a fur buyer near delweare county NY that will buy not fleshed tanned stretched. Mar 4, 2021 17:06:55 GMT -5
tommyran: I just joined but see that hardly anybody uses this forum anymore. Why??? Dec 25, 2022 16:36:22 GMT -5
garryverr: Hello May 24, 2023 8:34:34 GMT -5
garryverr: I recently became a member and noticed that this forum is not frequented by many anymore. I need help to trap weasels, I don't need any chemical product like Weasel killer. May 24, 2023 8:42:10 GMT -5
drishti99: If you want to get into the best and top central universities of India, start your preparation for CUET with Drishti CUET providing complete guidance for your exam right from understanding the syllabus to mock tests and previous year Aug 11, 2023 5:08:44 GMT -5
trapperdave: I'm still here! Been in Alaska for a while off the grid but I'm back! Oct 29, 2023 10:49:02 GMT -5
brooklynbeaver: I have several beaver skulls for sale : cleaned and bleached. Anybody interested - contact me directly. Nov 20, 2023 8:20:23 GMT -5
brunelly568: Hello everyone, I really need your help with this information (blog). This information is really useful for me but as a researcher I would like to see your idea.
Blog link:
Dec 18, 2023 8:20:26 GMT -5
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