daveg: I just found a road kill mink. Anybody want it? three 1 five-five 3 2-3943 Jun 11, 2017 10:10:33 GMT -5
emmieclam: Hello all just curious if anyone has a few sterling mj500s they would like to sell thanks Jun 11, 2017 14:50:06 GMT -5
slipperymink: new to both trapping and this forum.. i was wondering where to find a price sheet for what furs may sell for this year. any direction possible Oct 30, 2017 10:04:21 GMT -5
jctunnelrat: Hey Mole. How you been? (remember Mornin' Mole) Nov 15, 2017 19:14:33 GMT -5
nyhuntfish: This YouTube channel helped me skin out my first raccoons this past weekend. He has on there a three part series on skinning, fleshing, boarding the raccoon. www.youtube.com/user/trapperstu1990/videos Nov 21, 2017 13:32:51 GMT -5
nh1948: Trying to post here.. not being successful. Bummer! Dec 29, 2017 12:42:25 GMT -5
nh1948: How does one post a picture? Dec 30, 2017 12:19:23 GMT -5
star: You post a picture by clicking QUOTE to what someone posted, and in the top bar click INSERT PICTURE. Feb 20, 2018 23:49:33 GMT -5
barney: My dad or any of the trappers who lived around Piseco never washed their traps with anything. He my brother and Don caught many mink, beaver, and muskrats. Dad and Don would lay out the skins on the attic floor while my brother was in school. Apr 15, 2018 18:31:10 GMT -5
barney: I was probably 8 years old when the first convention took place at the airport then just a dirt strip. Piseco or bust painted on the clunker cars that arrived I remember a couple missing fenders LOL! Apr 15, 2018 18:52:58 GMT -5
biggamhunter: Anybody know who where I can sell fur near Saranac Lake NY Oct 18, 2018 6:59:54 GMT -5
ameliam88: Hey guys, i am searching for dressed raccoon skins- anyone knows a dealer/seller. thanks Nov 3, 2018 0:00:23 GMT -5
coemgenus618: Hello To All: Nov 5, 2018 17:07:20 GMT -5
dmvern: Can anyone help me . Almost impossible to find a trapping class near buffalo ny . Any direction would be appreciated . dmvern@yahoo.com or 7163484733 thanks Dec 9, 2018 7:32:05 GMT -5
dmvern: still looking for a class . tried calling nys trapping association but no answer . obviously was all over dec website first then internet . Dec 13, 2018 14:53:46 GMT -5 *
tmc: ??? Jan 16, 2019 15:31:24 GMT -5
Hayzer912: Anybody selling any skulls? Looking for Red/Gray Fox, Coon, Coyote Thanks! Feb 3, 2019 8:23:42 GMT -5
cheitzman: I have a blog called howtotrapraccoon.wordpress.com If you have time check it out and if you like it please follow me on my blog. Thanks. Feb 25, 2019 11:55:08 GMT -5
trapperjack: Anybody having problems logging into NYS Trappers website? All I get is tech difficulties displayed for last 2 weeks. Aug 13, 2019 20:33:27 GMT -5
greenedream222: Had an awesome (first) time at the NYS Trappers Convention. So much to see, *touch* and take in. Met a lot of cool people - big THANK YOU to everyone who makes it as awesome as it is!! Very cool. Wish I could go back over tomorrow! Excited for next year!!! Aug 30, 2019 21:37:21 GMT -5