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Dave Miller: May 10th: Ashley Coon Frankfort NY Prize: Electric Meat Grinder May 11, 2015 18:51:31 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 11th: Patrick Cunningham Pine Island,NY Prize: Bushnell Rangefinder May 11, 2015 18:52:03 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 12: Alton Morley Bloomingburg, NY Prize: MB Trap Package May 13, 2015 18:31:30 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 13th: Ricky Breed Memphis,NY Prize: Mossberg 500 Combo May 13, 2015 18:31:51 GMT -5
valleytrapper: All the major trapping magazines have had the list in for a month or more. If you belong to NTA FTA Or NYSTA check your magazine. May 18, 2015 15:23:34 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 14th: Butch Jenks Prize: Henry .22 Cal Long Rifle May 18, 2015 17:17:47 GMT -5 *
Dave Miller: May 15th: Jon Willis Bloomfield,NY Prize: $250 cash May 18, 2015 17:18:25 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 16th: Richard Lamoreaux Smyrna,NY Prize: Propane Smoker w/ Chips May 18, 2015 17:18:48 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 17th: Don Coogan Baldwinsville,NY Prize: $200 Gander Mountain Gift Card May 18, 2015 17:19:18 GMT -5
Dave Miller: May 18th: Keith Bates Spencerport NY Prize: Steiner Binoculars May 18, 2015 17:19:42 GMT -5
riverhawk: Favorite outdoor meal is Mountain Lion just pan fried with peppers and onions, its really surpriseing the flavor of a predator cat Nov 3, 2015 2:16:53 GMT -5
scribaman: lost my cap to gusto today-stood there thinking now what Nov 11, 2015 16:55:44 GMT -5
griffin23: I'm new to this forum and pretty green in the trapping world. I am looking for a local buyer since the one I used to sell to is not buying this year. I am from the Morrisville, NY area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nov 24, 2015 23:18:29 GMT -5
bigd5: anyone know of a buyer in the fingerlakes area? Thanks Dec 25, 2015 23:02:05 GMT -5
flycaster: where are you? interested in the #5 dryers...maybe all Jan 14, 2016 18:46:24 GMT -5
filletknife: Hi everybody, i am here for some amazing fillet knife. Feb 28, 2016 5:15:38 GMT -5
mb6504yotes: im trying to upload a picture and it keeps saying the file is too big, anyone think they can PLEASE HELP? Mar 14, 2016 12:01:26 GMT -5
boballard52: I am new to Trapping and would like to learn how to use different traps and the setting them and their location if you know what I mean. I live in the City of Tonawanda, NY Mar 24, 2016 19:57:30 GMT -5
visthaer: Shot a 53 lb coyote the other day. Mar 25, 2016 17:50:20 GMT -5
muskratsmustgo: I live in Macedon NY and am not a trapper... at least not yet. I have a few more muskrats than I would like. (Actually, I don't want any of them.) I know there are some Macedon-area guys on this site. Is anyone interested? Thanks... May 23, 2016 18:53:08 GMT -5